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I was taken back several years ago the first time I heard Don Quante shout the words, “Don’t go broke in a nursing home!” It was a scary thought. Imagine spending all of your hard earned money on health care and seeing your assets being eroded by those costs. Even for those who have done everything right to plan for retirement, chances are, they haven’t planned for long-term care.

In one of the company’s I co-founded, our marketing director shared how she had watched her 93-year-old grandfather’s assets dwindle from $1,600,000 to $550,000 dollars over the past 9 years as he continued to live and need care. Her family’s inheritance will be greatly diminished by the time he passes (if it’s not gone altogether). Her grandfather wanted to share a legacy and provide his grandchildren with a leg up in life, but instead, he’s heartbroken to watch his accounts dwindle.

Consider these odds: 1 in 335 houses will have a fire each year. 1 in 52 cars will be in an accident each year. Would you ever consider not insuring your home or your car? No, never! But when it comes to long-term care, many people think they will somehow avoid the need for care in their lives. Realistically, 1 in 1.4 American’s over the age of 65 will require long-term care. Just like protecting your house and car, you can protect your retirement and assets with proper insurance.

And now, it’s possible to use tax-free money to pay for long-term care. I’m excited to share this information with you. What you learn in “Tax-Free Money for Long-Term Care” could be life changing for you and your loved ones and improve your quality of life.

Barry Brooksby/Co-Author
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