The Agenda that is Robbing You

It was 1999. My wife and I had just had a home built for us. We were moving in, but a few of the construction workers and sub-contractors were still finishing up some of the final details on the house. When I went down to the basement later that afternoon, I noticed that several of my music CD's were more
Focus on Your Strengths

LeBron James, Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, what do they have in common? They've missed more hits, shots, and putts than they've made. But, they focused on their strengths.  You have strengths. 
Accentuate the positives in you life. Bring out your strengths. Be you and add to your life. Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach said, "If you spend too much more
Make More Money in Real Estate

You've probably heard several times in your life that wealthy individuals get wealthy in one of two ways: either in their own business or in real estate. They invest in their own business and do very well, or they invest in real estate and amass a lot of wealth. Most people don't get wealthy investing in the stock market. That is a more
Do You Know Where You Are?

Years ago as a kid I went deer hunting with my dad. My two step-brothers and I decided to go off on our own into the mountains to look for deer. We were teenagers and thought we knew where there was "better hunting" than my dad. We ended up getting lost.  I remember feeling scared. As more time went on, the more
Expand Your Retirement Income

Imagine never running out of money in retirement. What would that feel like?  When someone thinks of saving or investing money, they usually think of the stock market; and for most people they are investing in a 401(k), IRA, stocks, or mutual funds. The traditional ideas of saving and investing for retirement are ideas more
Choose to Thrive

Imagine you are the owner of a massive business. The business can be anything you want it to be. Your business generates $18 million in sales every year. However, most of this money goes to pay expenses. In addition to those expenses, there's interest payments on $20 million of debt that is bleeding the company dry. At the end of of the day, there's no money left and more
Life...It's Precious

I was in a 7:30 AM meeting the other morning. It was fascinating. I was listening to a doctor talk about the heart. He said that our hearts beat over 100,000 times per day. He had met with an 80-year-old patient earlier that week who had a leaking heart valve. The doctor did the math and discovered that this 80-year-old patient' more
Average vs. Actual - The Hidden Secret of Returns

Have you seen those compelling financial TV commercials advertising investments from companies like Fidelity, Charles Schwab, Merrill Lynch, Ameriprise, Edward Jones, and Raymond James, etc.?  They talk about the road to retirement and how easy it will be if you only invest with them. They more
A Zero Percent Tax Bracket

Do you remember the Cheshire Cat in the movie Alice in Wonderland? Alice asks the Cheshire Cat which way she ought to go. The Cheshire Cat responds, "Well that depends on where you want to get to." Alice replies back, "It really doesn't matter." The Cheshire Cat's propound response is, "Then it doesn't more
Falling From the Sky

As I looked up into the sky, what I saw was a small white ball. I was anxious, nervous, and excited all at the same time. That white ball was the pilot chute behind my daughter's parachute. This was her 16th birthday. She had talked about this experience for months, and now it was here. I was witnessing my 16-year-old more
It's No Bull, It’s Mostly Bear

I love health and wellness. I like to stay fit. I exercise regularly; going to the gym, mountain biking and doing some CrossFit. I like to be active.  I consume a lot of protein to keep the muscles in my body growing and strong. On occasions when I open a large jar of protein powder expecting it to be full, near to the rim, disappointedly the more
Is Your Light On?

I'm an avid mountain biker. I love it! I feel pure freedom when I'm out on a single track trail.  A few days ago, I was on the trail at 6:15 AM. It was dark. I had a light on the handle bars of my mountain bike. This light is powerful. It puts out 500 Lumens. In mountain biking lighting terms, that's a lot. I was able to see very clearly on the trail. After more
Do Not Take A Hit!

Professional Boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. retired from boxing this year. Floyd was clearly the best in the world at what he did as a fighter. As a professional boxer he went undefeated; 49-0. Imagine never losing! He was a five-division world champion. He won twelve world titles and championships...Like him or not, Floyd more
Seismic Activity in the Stock Market

Tony Robbins once told a story about a guy looking to buy an island. The buyer was very interested in one particular island. But the real estate agent recommended that he buy a different island. However, the buyer wanted the original island. He wanted it and was going to buy it, and that was that, until the real estate agent made him aware more
Prince: The Double Tragedy

Most of us have heard of Prince's passing; it's been everywhere in the media. As a guitar player myself, I loved listening to his fantastic electric guitar solos, and his funky rhythm playing. He was most notable for his songwriting, however he was a master guitar player.  It's a tragedy that he passed at such an early age. What many don't realize, in a much larger scope, more
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