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Host: Barry Brooksby
Focus Wealth Group
How to Get Lifetime Income
without Market Risk or Losses
Using Guaranteed Annuities
Here's what you'll learn:
  •  Which annuity is right for me.
  •  How safe are annuities.
  •  How are insurance companies able to guarantee lifetime income.
  •  What are the major problems with annuities.
  •  How to use an IRA or 401k for guaranteed income.
  •  What annuities should I avoid.
  •  And, much more...
  •  How to spend your life insurance death benefit while you're alive.
  •  How to protect your money from volatility, market crashes, creditors, lawsuits, and even bankruptcy.
  •  How to enjoy your money today and leave it all behind upon your passing.
  •  The difference between Term insurance, Whole Life insurance and Universal Life insurance
  •  What to do to insure that you never run out of money in retirement.
  •  How to be a "Hero" to your Kids, Grand-kids and Great Grand-kids.
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